Golf - training

The driving range dimensions are 120 x 350m, including covered teeing areas (4). Putting green, chipping, pitching area and bunker play are available on the adjacent area of 10,000 m2. The golfers can use space for washing of clubs, a drink vending machine and a training ball dispenser.
It is possible to practise individual training or to use services of golf trainers, professionals.

Individual trainings

Individual training is the most intensive form of golf play training. A professional trainer works with one to three players, in an ideal case at least once a week or even more times a week on a regular basis. They together train all playing situations, such as drives, playing from the field, pinching, pitching, playing from sand, putting and others. For beginners we offer courses aimed at the obtaining of the so-called “golf competence” (formerly known as “green cards”). The time for obtaining them highly depends on the clients, their diligence and attendance rate, but at the end all who fall in love with golf will obtain such a card.

It is also a matter-of-course to order a trainer even for one playing lesson, if the client wants to improve only one of his or her playing skills. We offer also a possibility of playing with a coach on the course, whether master or public course, when it is possible to improve skills in the very important course management area. 

For the price list of individual training lessons please click here 

Holiday golf camps for children

Together with professional pedagogues from DDM Hobby Centrum 4, golf professionals and skilled trainers, Golf Resort Konopiště organises traditional weekly holiday camps with golf. Primarily, the camp is intended for children 7 - 14 years old. The aim of the camp is not to be a top training centre for talented young golfers but rather to offer children a classical camp in beautiful nature, with an interesting programme, all-camp play, all-day trip, night “fighting play” and of course and especially with golf, which accounts for about one half of the children’s free time. The camp base is the so-called “Old Clubroom” (situated in the vicinity of the hole no. 5 teeing areas – Radecký course), where we build every year classical base tents. The one-hundred-per-cent occupancy, as well as the positive feedback from parents and children is a guarantee of a nicely spent holiday week for your child as well.


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