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Besides golf, Golf Resort Konopiště offers also other leisure activities in the vicinity of the resort. We are able to fully ensure these activities on a “turnkey” basis for both groups and individuals, or to arrange for contacts to operators of such activities.
These activities include visits to the Castles of Konopiště and Jemniště situated nearby, topic-focused trips toPrague, visits (combined with tasting) to the Velké Popovice Brewery situated nearby. For those who love sports we can offer a flight in a balloon or small aircraft, for those who like shooting we will arrange for a parcours shooting range (asphalt targets). The Benešov region, thanks to its country profile, directly invites you to walks, horse riding, biking or motorised quadricycle drives.

Konopiště Castle

The national cultural monument, KonopištěCastle, is situated approximately 5 km from Golf Resort Konopiště. The castle, originally from the 14th century, was renovated later on in the Romantic Gothic style. In 1887, the castle with the entire estate was purchased by Franz Ferdinand d’Este, from 1896 the heir to the Emperor’s Throne. The castle is accessible for the public in several visit routes. The comprehensive collection of hunting trophies of Franz Ferdinand d’Este is really unique. Greenhouses in the so-called “Rose Garden” are famous as well. For more information see www.zamek-konopiste.cz

Jemniště Castle

The BaroqueJemništěCastleis situated about 12 km from Golf Resort Konopiště, in the middle of the large landscape park with several artificial lakes. The castle originates from the first quarter of the 18th century. It was designed by Maxmilián Kaňka and leading artists of the Czech Baroque art took part in decoration of its interiors. The castle is open for the public. For more information see www.jemniste.cz

Parcours shooting range

Not even a half-an-hour car drive from Golf Resort Konopiště you will find the best parcours shooting range in the CzechRepublic and Eastern Europe - Vráž u Komorního Hrádku. The quality of this shooting range is confirmed also by the fact that The European Championship was held there. Shooting at asphalt targets in a natural environment is made possible on 150 hectares and 16 shooting stations. For more information see www.parcour.cz

Benešov - Bystřice airport

In the direct neighbourhood of Golf Resort Konopiště (at the Villageof Nesvačily) you will find the public Benešov airport for national flights. There it is possible to order sight flights, whether in the Benešov surroundings or even in the Praguearea. Apart from aircraft it is also possible to order a helicopter for sight flights. For more information see www.letistebenesov.cz


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